A Guide to Guides: 21 Questions to Ask and Tips to Make the Most of a Group Tour or Private Guide

On our most recent Facebook Live (you can see them all on our Facebook page if you missed one), one of the questions was about using guides.  It is important to us that RedDotBlueDot be a place where readers can learn from our mistakes and benefit from our experiences.  So a more detailed answer to this question is in order . . . .

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A Traveler's Guide for Seoul, South Korea

When we were deciding where to go in Asia, Japan was our number one choice.  As we booked our tickets on Korean Airlines (using Ultimate Rewards points!) , we discovered that we could add a free stopover in Seoul, South Korea.  While we didn’t want to cut short our time in Japan, ultimately the prospect of being able to visit the DMZ and see another city weighed out, and we found ourselves (the two of us and Keith’s mom, Betty) arriving in Seoul at 4:00 a.m. one humid morning in July.  

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She said, he said...month one.

With about 22,000 miles traveled so far, we each reflected on the last month of non-stop travel (July 1-August 1).  We didn't discuss our answers before combining them and hitting publish.  As you can see, it's been a great month, but we definitely have our own perspectives on it.  August has already included some amazing experiences -- stay tuned, and let us know in the comments if you have other questions we didn't answer.   

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Chez Wong: No Sign, No Menu, No Problem

It was like having dinner with an old friend.

For years I have watched Anthony Bourdain use his writing and travel documentary style to bring the sights and sounds of far off places right into my home.  His irreverent, sarcastic, and detailed style of describing what travel is really like served as a mentor to my travel style.  He helped teach a boy from rural Iowa what travel is all about.

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Our Guy In Cusco

“Ya gotta have a guy.” 

When I was first out of law school, I had a conversation with a colleague about everything that Keith and I didn’t have the knowledge or time to do in our condo.  My colleague replied “Ya gotta have a guy.”  As we continued to talk, I learned what he meant: Regardless of gender, you need someone who can fix whatever issue you’ve encountered.  

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