Interactive Community Directed Travel: You direct the Red Dot.

So how do you bring people closer together with respect to travel?  There is the blog, photography, discussions about food, social media posts.  These are all great ways to have people talk.  From a photography perspective, seeing Photographer In Focus interviews has been great as well.

But what if you could direct the travel and the blog to something YOU were interested real time?

That's what we are proposing at

Later this week we will send out a survey listing 4-5 places that we could travel to in mid-August, after our next destination.  We will be asking everyone on our email list (hint: sign up now) as of the end of this week to vote on what destination interests you most.

You get to vote where the red dot goes next!

Then, we will will travel there, report on the blog, photograph the destination, and even do a Facebook Live from the destination picked by the members of this community!

We are excited about this, and hope you are too.  But you have to sign up for the email list in order to vote.  And you only have about 2 days to sign up.  So sign up now at

Then sit back and watch for the chance to vote coming in your email!

Salam Baku, August 7, 2018.

Salam Baku, August 7, 2018.