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A Traveler’s Guide for Panama City, Panama

Five hundred year old Panama City, Panama was never on my travel radar until last January when a friend emailed that he was planning a gathering there to celebrate his birthday.  Within less than an hour, we had checked flight availability and booked miles tickets on Copa via United.  Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day, when we were among the few intrepid travelers at O’Hare awaiting a very early morning direct flight to Panama City.  

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How to visit Taboga Island from Panama City, Panama Without the Group Tour

If your Panama trip is limited to Panama City, you may want to fit in a visit to a nearby beach.  There are a few within a two hour drive, but we didn’t want to rent a car for a day or do a full day tour.  Instead, while we were having breakfast one day during our stay, another person at the same event told us about Taboga Island.  We decided to check it out later that day.

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Deadliest Food Tour: Tokyo Edition

In his book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, Anthony Bourdain confessed that for his very first meal on his first trip to Tokyo, in his jet-lagged and exhausted state, he was so intimidated by the soba restaurants and overwhelming nature of Tokyo that he went to Starbucks.  After considering his options, though, he bought a latte, rallied, and dove in to Tokyo.   

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Chez Wong: No Sign, No Menu, No Problem

It was like having dinner with an old friend.

For years I have watched Anthony Bourdain use his writing and travel documentary style to bring the sights and sounds of far off places right into my home.  His irreverent, sarcastic, and detailed style of describing what travel is really like served as a mentor to my travel style.  He helped teach a boy from rural Iowa what travel is all about.

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