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Carrying on: Luggage Edition

Roller bag or backpack? Hard sided or soft?  Two wheels or four?  With built in phone charger or not?  $69 or $999?

Buying a suitcase can be as simple as answering those five questions, or you can take the approach I’ve taken: spend far too many hours researching, trying suitcases, and even buying far more than I care to admit.  (In fact, every time I comment on Keith’s quest for the perfect camera bag, he reminds me that my suitcase collection rivals his camera bag collection.  Watch for his camera bag recommendations in a future post.)

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8 Packing Dos and Don’ts

Summer is officially here, the time to load up the (metaphorical) station wagon and head for the hills.  Whether you’re loading up a literal car or flying somewhere, packing can be stressful and unpleasant.  And when you add camera equipment to the equation, packing can be painful as you worry about getting your camera bag on board.

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