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She said, he said: 2018 in review.

In 2018 we visited 19 countries — 16 of them for the first time.  One or both of us visited US cities from San Francisco to Washington, DC, Carmel, Indiana to Miami, Florida.  

All in all, Amy spent just shy of 5 months traveling and Keith wasn’t far behind.  From stepping briefly into North Korea at the DMZ to nearly a month in different trips to Cuba we were fortunate to see more of the world in 2018 than any other year of our lives, and were even inducted into the Circumnavigators Club.  We decided to look back on our 2018 travels as we look forward to 2019.  As usual, we didn’t always agree.  Check out our 2018 Year in Review He Said, She Said below.

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See a Country in a Day: Our Daytrip to Andorra

The tiny country of Andorra sits about a three hour drive from Barcelona, landlocked between France in the north and Spain in the south.  The “microstate” is one of the smallest countries in the world by both population (fewer than 80,000 people) and landmass (180 square miles).  It is mainly known for its low tax shopping, skiing, and hiking that attract 10 million visitors each year.  (Yes, you read that right – 10 million visitors each year in a tiny country with only 80,000 citizens.)  


Frankly, not the kind of place where we’d normally want to hang out long-term, but as a day trip, why not? We had already booked several commitments in Barcelona (Sagrada Familia, the Picasso Museum, etc.) that required us to be in Barcelona all but one day of our time there, which happened to be the last full day of our trip.

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A Guide to Guides: 21 Questions to Ask and Tips to Make the Most of a Group Tour or Private Guide

On our most recent Facebook Live (you can see them all on our Facebook page if you missed one), one of the questions was about using guides.  It is important to us that RedDotBlueDot be a place where readers can learn from our mistakes and benefit from our experiences.  So a more detailed answer to this question is in order . . . .

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A Traveler's Guide for Seoul, South Korea

When we were deciding where to go in Asia, Japan was our number one choice.  As we booked our tickets on Korean Airlines (using Ultimate Rewards points!) , we discovered that we could add a free stopover in Seoul, South Korea.  While we didn’t want to cut short our time in Japan, ultimately the prospect of being able to visit the DMZ and see another city weighed out, and we found ourselves (the two of us and Keith’s mom, Betty) arriving in Seoul at 4:00 a.m. one humid morning in July.  

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